Public Automobile Insurance Plan

Personal Home Assistance

If you can no longer care for yourself or carry out the essential activities of daily living without assistance, the public automobile insurance plan can reimburse personal home assistance services.

What you should know

Personal home assistance is provided to help you live at home. This service provides you with assistance in carrying out your personal and household activities, such as washing, getting dressed, preparing meals, etc.

Personal home assistance services can be given by:

  • a loved one, a neighbour or any other trustworthy person
  • a business specialized in home assistance services

If you need personal home assistance

You must submit an application to your compensation officer. Your officer will determine – on the basis of your injuries or your limitations – the nature and duration of personal home assistance that qualifies for reimbursement.

The maximum reimbursable amount is $1,011 per week.

If the state of your health is such that you require the continual attendance of another person, or if the number of points obtained during an assessment of your needs is greater than the number of points determined by regulation, you are entitled to a maximum weekly reimbursement of $1,598. 

You are not entitled to the reimbursement of personal home assistance if…

You live in an institution that holds a permit from the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux.

Claim for reimbursement

Personal home assistance expenses are reimbursed on presentation of a receipt or invoice, or the form entitled Attestation of Expenses for Personal Home Assistance that you will receive from your compensation officer.

In the form, the following information must be specified:

  • the name and address of the person or business that provided the personal home assistance
  • the period covered by the claim for reimbursement
  • the amount the person providing assistance has received or expects to receive for those services

Do you have any questions?

We are here to help you. Phone us, and we will give you all the information that applies to your situation. If need be, we will put you in contact with your compensation officer.

Last update: December 22, 2022