Restricted Licence Related to an Accumulation of Demerit Points

If your probationary licence or driver's licence is revoked because you have reached or exceeded the number of demerit points in your demerit point bracket, a court could grant you a restricted licence so you can continue exercising your main employment.

What is a restricted licence?

There are 2 types of restricted licence:

  • the restricted licence related to a conviction for alcohol-impaired driving
  • the restricted licence related to an accumulation of demerit points

A restricted licence allows you to drive during the penalty period following a licence revocation. A penalty period can be 3, 6 or 12 months, sometimes even longer.

A restricted licence related to an accumulation of demerit points authorizes you to drive a vehicle only for the purposes of exercising your main employment.

Restricted licences and off-road vehicles

Did you know that you must hold a valid driver’s licence to operate an off-road vehicle, both on trails and on public roadways? If you hold a restricted licence, you are prohibited from operating any type of off-road vehicle.

You are not eligible for a restricted licence if…

  • Your licence has been revoked or suspended within the past two years as a result of an offence under the Criminal Code or an accumulation of demerit points
  • You only held a learner's licence at the time your licence was revoked
  • Another penalty appears on your driving record
  • You failed to demonstrate to the judge that operating a motor vehicle is an essential requirement of your main employment
  • Your application for a restricted licence is related to revocation of a class 4C (taxi) driver's licence

How to apply for a restricted licence

  1. File an application with a Court of Québec judge in your local judicial district. To do so, you must:
    • fill out the Application for a Restricted Licence form (the court clerk is available to assist you in completing your application)
    • go to your local courthouse to:
      • file the original of your application as well as our penalty notice regarding the revocation of your driver's licence
      • pay the required legal fees
  2. At the hearing, demonstrate to the judge that you need to drive in order to exercise your main employment.
  3. Ask the judge to issue an order allowing you to obtain a restricted licence.
  4. Go to one of our service outlets with the court order to get a restricted licence and pay the required fees.

If you fail to abide by the terms and conditions of your restricted licence

You will be considered as a person driving without a licence, which renders you liable to a fine of $300 to $600.

Before leaving Québec...

Find out if you are allowed to drive with a restricted licence in the jurisdiction in which you intend to travel.

Last update: October 27, 2022