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To take a vehicle out of storage, you no longer have to go to a service outlet. You can do so online using SAAQclic.

SAAQclic is a secure fast lane to the SAAQ’s services!

New features

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  • View your payment and renewal notices
  • Print official documents (registration certificate and temporary licence plate)
  • Confirm your operations
  • View your personalized messages
  • Enable email notifications
  • Discover many easy-to-use online services

Access SAAQclic

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Services available

Driver’s licence

  • View, cancel or replace a driver’s licence
  • Relinquish a class of licence
  • Check the validity of a licence

Vehicle registration

  • View your licence plates and registration certificates
  • Replace a licence plate
  • Order and activate a personalized licence plate
  • Check if a vehicle can be registered


  • View information regarding your vehicles
  • Obtain a winter tire exemption certificate
  • Obtain a vehicle’s ownership history
  • Store a vehicle, take a vehicle out of storage or discard a vehicle
  • Transfer a passenger vehicle between individuals

Driving record

  • View your demerit points, penalties and offences
  • Obtain information regarding your driving (driving record)
  • Obtain a copy of the Monitoring of Heavy Vehicle Driver Conduct document

State of health

  • View information regarding your state of health
  • Make a medical self-declaration
  • Submit a medical report


  • View or cancel your appointments
  • Make or modify an appointment for a knowledge or road test or an Alcofrein session (only after you have submitted the registration form)

Access SAAQclic

Upcoming Services

New services will soon be added to SAAQclic to enhance your experience and allow you to:

  • pay and renew your driver’s licence and vehicle registration
  • change your address
  • submit documents
  • apply for an extension to submit a medical report
  • apply for, replace or cancel an accessible parking permit
  • view messages in your file
  • manage your pre-authorized debits

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Last update: May 12, 2023