Online Services

Paying the Driver's Licence or Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

You can pay for the renewal of your driver's licence, vehicle registration or accessible parking permit online through participating financial institutions. This system is fast and highly secure. Please note that only payment in full can be made using this service.

Before you log onto your financial institution's Website

You must have on hand your 16-digit payment notice number, which appears in Part 1 of your payment notice.

Please note that some financial institutions do not provide enough space for 16 digits. In such a case, simply enter the first 15 digits.

Steps to follow to make a payment online

  1. Access your financial institution’s secure transaction portal in the table below. 
  2. Search for Société de l’assurance automobile or SAAQ and the relevant document (driver’s licence or vehicle registration) in “Bills” or “Suppliers”.
  3. Enter the payment notice number. 

Payment date

Check the payment deadline printed on the payment notice to make sure that your driver's licence or vehicle registration is paid on time.

  • If you make your payment past the due date, you may have to pay an additional fee. Please do not add the late fees to the amount indicated on your payment notice. Another statement of account will be sent to you for these fees. Visit our Rates and Fines – Other Services page to see the applicable additional fees.
  • If you are pulled over by a peace officer, you may be fined more than $400 and have to pay towing and impoundment fees.

Participating financial institutions