Buses and Minibuses

Bus or Minibus Drivers

To drive a bus or a minibus, you must hold a Class 2 or 4B driver's licence issued by the SAAQ and comply with other obligations related to driving a heavy vehicle.

Driver's licence

To be authorized to drive a bus or a minibus, you must hold the appropriate class of licence and be in good health.

Conduct record

The conduct record includes all events associated with driving a bus or a minibus.

Circle Check

The driver or the person designated by the operator must complete a circle check of the bus or minibus and fill out the circle check report.

Hours of driving and off-duty time

Drivers of a bus or minibus must comply with the hours of driving and off-duty time and fill out the daily log.

Driver fatigue

To prevent driver fatigue, don't rely only on the regulations governing the hours of driving and off-duty time.

Policy and program

We have implemented a policy to monitor the conduct of bus and minibus drivers and a program to recognize the excellence of their behaviour.

Documents to keep inside the vehicle

Drivers must keep important documents, including the circle check report and the daily log, up to date and in the vehicle, and subsequently give them to the operator.

Transportation of school children

To carry out school transportation using a bus, a minibus, an automobile or a taxi, all drivers, owners and operators must meet several obligations.

Last update: May 17, 2022