Report an Issue or Incident

You can report an issue or an incident if you notice that an individual or business has failed to comply with regulations regarding the transportation of passengers or goods. Reporting an issue or incident helps improve the safety of road users, protect the road network from misuse, and ensure fair competition between businesses.

A few examples

  • Failure to abide by hours of driving and off-duty time
  • Poorly attached or oversized loads
  • Illegal transportation of passengers
  • Unsafe transportation of dangerous substances
  • Poor mechanical condition of a vehicle

Who can report an issue or incident?

Any individual or business can report an issue or incident.

To report an issue or incident

The following information is required to process a report: 

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Details on the location
  • Description of the vehicle or vehicles (colour, type, lettering)
  • Licence plate number(s)
  • Contact information of the individual or business in question
  • Period over which the issue or incident occurred 

Although reports are confidential, you may provide us with your contact information. However, we cannot inform you of the results of our analysis. We will contact you only if we need additional information. Rest assured that under no circumstances will any information regarding you be disclosed. Any information that could identify you is protected under the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, within the scope of its application.

Report an issue or incident

Only reports regarding the transportation of passengers or goods will be processed.

Online (form available in French only)

By telephone

1 866 471-1CRQ (1277)

Last update: May 24, 2022