Heavy Vehicles

Load Securement

A heavy vehicle's cargo must be properly secured so that it cannot shift around, be dislodged, come loose or fall, compromise the stability of the vehicle or cause a traffic accident.


The Highway Safety Code requires that loads be placed, secured or covered – for all types of vehicles – to prevent the load from:

  • shifting around in or on the vehicle
  • coming loose from the vehicle
  • compromising the stability of the vehicle
  • reducing the driver's field of vison
  • blocking the vehicle's lights or headlights

In addition to the requirements set forth in the Highway Safety Code, other load securement standards are provided under the Cargo Securement Standards Regulation.

The requirements concern

  • the securement system components
  • the minimum number of securement devices
  • other load securement requirements based on the type of load

Buses and Minibuses

In addition to complying with the standards set forth in the Cargo Securement Standards Regulation, drivers of buses and minibuses must distribute and secure freight, express messenger parcels and baggage for their safety and the safety of their passengers.

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Last update: May 17, 2022