Classes of Driver's Licence for Heavy Vehicles

A driver's licence of the appropriate class is required to be allowed to drive a heavy vehicle.

What you should know

The driver of a heavy vehicle must hold a driver's licence that corresponds to the type of vehicle used.

To drive a tow truck, you must hold a Class 5 driver's licence.

Consult our section entitled Classes of Driver's Licence.

Class 1, 2, 3 or 4B

These classes authorize their holder to drive a heavy vehicle:

  • anywhere in Canada
  • in the United States (unless Condition W appears on the driver's licence)

To obtain a first driver's licence

Consult our sections entitled:

Driver competencies

The competencies required to hold a Class 1,2, 3 or 4B licence are assessed through knowledge tests and road tests.

You must also prove that you have the knowledge required to drive:

  • a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission (M endorsementAuthorizes the driver's licence holder to drive a certain type of vehicle or a vehicle equipped with certain types of equipment.)
  • a vehicle equipped with an air brake system (F endorsement)
  • a road train whose length exceeds 25 metres (T endorsement). The driver must pass a course given at a school board transport training centre. The knowledge test no longer entitles a licence holder to obtain a T endorsement.

Certificate of competence for carrying school children

To drive a school bus or minibus, you must hold and have in your possession a certificate of compentence for operating that type of vehicle.

To find out more, consult the following pages:

Alcohol: 0.05 mg for drivers of heavy vehicles

It is prohibited to drive or have the care or control of a heavy vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration equal to or higher than 50 mg of alcohol per 100 mg of blood (0.05).

If you drive a bus or a minibus, it's zero alcohol.

To find out more, go to the Alcohol page.

If your driver's licence has been revoked, suspended or modified

You are required to inform the heavy vehicle owner and operator if your driver's licence has been revoked, suspended or modified. You must also inform them of any change in the class of licence and endorsements that authorize you to drive the vehicle.

Demerit points and driving record

If you accumulate a number of demerit points that is equal to or higher than the threshold, your licence will be revoked and you will no longer be allowed to drive.

This penalty will also be entered in your driving record.

Threshold values and conduct record of a heavy vehicle driver

If you reach or exceed any of the threshold values set forth in the Conduct Review Policy for Heavy Vehicle Drivers, or if a combination of critical events have occurred while you were at the wheel of a heavy vehicle, your record will be transferred to the Commission des transports du Québec, which may impose corrective measures on you and even prohibit you from driving a heavy vehicle.

Last update: May 17, 2022