Axelle and Pitchouf

Axelle and Pitchouf: Let’s Go! is an educational tool that promotes the development of safe behaviours in 5- to 8-year-olds when they are travelling to and from school.

The tool includes:

  • 10 short animations that explain the right behaviours to adopt when travelling on foot or by school bus
  • a teaching guide, which includes suggestions for contexts and activities within which to use the tool as well as information on how it relates to the Québec Education Program
  • a complementary guide that gives detailed explanations and supplemental information on each play-based learning situation (in french only)

Download the teaching guide (PDF, 1.4 Mo) and the complementary guide (PDF, 3.0 Mo).

Videos and interactive games

Each animation contains a video clip and an interactive game and explores a different road safety concept. Each video clip can be viewed on its own or serve as an introduction to the interactive game, which allows for the application of newly acquired concepts. 

1 – Crossing the street

  • Acquiring the reflex to check for vehicles by looking left and right and behind one’s shoulder before crossing 

2 – Being seen properly

  • Being able to determine the best place to be seen by drivers before crossing a street

3 – Walking in the street

  • Being able to choose the right place to walk in the street

4 – Pedestrian crosswalks

  • Understanding the meaning of pedestrian signals 
  • Learning to activate and use pedestrian signals to cross the street  

5 – Traffic lights

  • Understanding the meaning of traffic lights 
  • Learning to properly use traffic lights to cross the street when there are no pedestrian lights 

6 – Getting on the bus

  • Understanding the importance of being calm and careful when waiting for the bus and getting aboard

7 – In the bus

  • Understanding and applying safety rules during the entire trip, until the school bus has stopped

8 – Getting off the bus

  • Acquiring the reflex to move away from the bus’s wheels after getting off

9 – Crossing the street in front of the bus

  • Acquiring the reflex to establish eye contact with the driver and check to see whether cars are coming before crossing the street, after getting off the bus

10 – Around large vehicles

  • Learning about and understanding the concept of heavy vehicle blind spots 
  • Acquiring the reflex to stay away from large vehicles 

Last update: October 25, 2021