North American Fatigue Management Program

This program is designed to address the issue of driver fatigue with a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • information on how to develop a corporate culture that helps reduce driver fatigue
  • fatigue management education
  • information on sleep disorders screening and treatment
  • driver and trip scheduling information
  • information on fatigue management technologies

The North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP) was developed by a working group comprised of researchers and experts. The SAAQ, the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, Transport Canada, the United States and Alberta governments and a number of private sector partners all contributed to the creation of the NAFMP.

NAFMP goals

The main goal is to understand fatigue and the importance of proper sleep hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

The program also aims to:

  • reduce fatigue among drivers
  • improve their quality of life
  • lower the rate of accidents caused by fatigue and the related costs

Who should take the training

  • Drivers' spouses and their families
  • Motor carriers (regardless of the size of the business or the type of activities carried out)
  • Dispatchers
  • Shippers
  • Receivers
  • Carrier safety managers
  • Owners and operators

How to take the training


You can take the training online free of charge: 

ModuleTitleTarget GroupTime
1FMP Introduction and Overview (PPSX, 33.4 Mo) Carrier executives and other managers45 minutes
2Safety Culture and Management Practices (PPSX, 27.3 Mo) Carrier executives and other managers1.5 hours
3Driver Education (PPSX, 109.1 Mo)Drivers3 hours
4Family Education (PPSX, 46.8 Mo)Drivers' spouses and their families45 minutes
5 Train-the-Trainer (PPSX, 90.9 Mo) Safety managers and other trainers3.5 hours
6Truck Driver Safety & Compliance: The Role of Shippers and Receivers (PPSX, 33.2 Mo) Shippers and receivers30 minutes
7Sleep Disorders Management for Motor Carriers (PPSX, 92.5 Mo) Carrier executives and other managers1.5 hours
8Driver Sleep Disorders Management (PPSX, 57.8 Mo)Drivers1.25 hours
9Driver Scheduling and Tools (PPSX, 40.0 Mo) Dispatchers and managers1 hour
10Fatigue Monitoring and Management Technologies (PPSX, 48.2 Mo) Carrier executives and other managers1 hour

Program participation is voluntary, so you can still take the training even if your carrier does not. The NAFMP applies to the road transportation industry’s various stakeholders throughout North America. 

At a training centre

In collaboration with the SAAQ, the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg and the Centre de formation du transport routier de Saint-Jérôme offer training sessions based on the program’s material.

Last update: February  5, 2022