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Cost of Registration Renewal – Motorcycles


  125 cc or less (11 kW and under) 126 cc to 400 cc (over 11 kW to 35 kW) 401 cc and over (over 35 kW) High accident-risk motorcycles 3-wheel motorcycles

Insurance contribution (tax included)












Vehicle registration fee












The power rating in kW only applies to electric motorcycles.

Please read the compliance label applied to your vehicle in accordance with Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to find out which type of vehicle you have. Your vehicle could be an electric moped or scooter.

Three-Wheeled Motorcycles Qualify for a Reduced Insurance Contribution

Since 3-wheeled motorcycles have arrived on the market, their owners have paid the same insurance contribution as for regular motorcycles. However, given that analysis has shown that 3-wheeled motorcycles are involved in fewer accidents than two-wheeled motorcycles, the insurance contribution for 3-wheeled motorcycles has been reduced.

What qualifies as a 3-wheeled motorcycle?

Vehicles qualifying as 3-wheeled motorcycles to which the reduced insurance contribution applies share the following characteristics:  

  • They are designed by the manufacturer to travel on 3 wheels and belong to either the “motor tricycle” or the “3-wheeled vehicle” category within the meaning of the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (CRC, c. 1038). (The vehicle category can be found on the vehicle’s compliance label, which is usually affixed to the front of the frame.)
  • They have a maximum of 3 wheels and the distance between each wheel is at least 460 mm.  

As of January 1, 2023, modified vehicles or hand-crafted vehicles whose characteristics correspond to either of the two vehicle categories referred to in the first bullet above will also qualify as 3-wheeled motorcycles to which the reduced insurance contribution applies, provided they have also been issued a certificate of inspection. The procedure for obtaining a certificate of inspection can be found on our website at Hand-crafted or Modified Vehicle

Note: Motorcycles that have a sidecar and motorcycles with 2 auxiliary wheels do not qualify for the reduced insurance contribution.

Last update: December 28, 2022