Rates and Fines

Comparative Table – Passenger Vehicles (automobiles or other)

Automobiles and motor homes are categorized as passenger vehiclesA motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, a moped and a minibus. This vehicle must be owned by a natural person, carry up to 9 occupants (where such transportation does not require a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec), and be used mainly for personal purposes., which also include:

  • sport utility vehicles (SUV)
  • minivans

Passenger Vehicles

  2022 2023

Insurance contribution



Tax on insurance contribution



Fees (for use of the road network)



Contribution to public transit (owners of vehicles registered on the island of Montréal are required to pay an additional tax of $45)

$30.00 or $75.00

$30.00 or $75.00




Total cost

$224.64 or $269.64

$232.74 or $277.74

Amounts may vary depending on the situation.

Last update: December 28, 2022