Awareness Campaigns

2016-2018 Heavy vehicles

The campaign slogan road sign “Véhicule lourd de conséquences” (Heavy vehicles – Heavy consequences).

Heavy vehicles – heavy consequences

Over the past few years, the road safety record of heavy vehicles has improved in Québec. Despite this fact, one in ten traffic accident victims and one in five fatalities are a result of an accident involving a heavy vehicle. 

The French-language Véhicule lourd de conséquences (Heavy vehicles – Heavy consequences) campaign aims to make heavy vehicle drivers, owners, and operators aware of major road safety issues and the most common causes of accidents.

This education and awareness campaign was developed in collaboration with representatives from the road transportation industry, who will also be promoting it.


These publications (available in French only) discuss various myths and facts concerning fatigue, seat belts, distracted driving, and the importance of adapting your driving. You can order them from the SAAQ website, or get them from inspection stations and during special awareness-raising events.

Publication “Évitez la fatigue” (avoid fatigue).' (PDF, 438.1 ko)

Publication “Attachez-vous en tout temps (PDF, 367.7 ko)

Publication “Limitez les distractions” (limit distractions). (PDF, 375.1 ko)

Publication “Adaptez votre conduite” (adapt your driving). (PDF, 408.3 ko)

Road Signs

Road signs addressing these issues will be posted on a rotating schedule at the entrances and exits of some of the busiest inspection stations.

The 4 road signs: “Adaptez votre conduite” (adapt your driving), “Attachez-vous en tout temps” (always buckle up), “Limitez les distractions” (limit distractions), “Évitez la fatigue” (avoid fatigue).

Beyond actions targeting heavy vehicle drivers, owners and operators, further measures will be taken to raise awareness among all drivers regarding sharing the road with heavy vehicles. The majority of accidents involving heavy vehicles are caused by the improper behaviour and driving errors of road users travelling near them. Some of these road users might not fully understand the realities and constraints of heavy vehicles; that is why we will be making a variety of resources about sharing the road available.