Awareness Campaigns

2010 Snow Removal Campaign

“Operation Snow Removal”

Snow removal is an operation that requires caution and vigilance. The motorist and pedestrian awareness campaign continued in 2010.

The two commercials launched in the 2009 campaign were rebroadcast on the main French-language TV networks in Québec.

Something new for 2010: A 15-second message was projected on a giant screen in 15 metro stations in Montréal.

TV commercials

Commercials broadcast on French-language television from December 20, 2010 to February 6, 2011

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Soyez vigilant. Le temps qu’on dégage.


(30 seconds)

The commercials feature several vehicles plowing snow during a

snow removal operation. Various trucks can be seen busily clearing the

screen to a lively musical soundtrack while an off-screen voice calls on

road users to stay back from snow removal trucks and equipment for

their own safety.


Transcript : Soyez vigilant. Le temps qu’on dégage.

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