Awareness Campaigns

2008 Courtesy and Sharing the Road Campaign

“Courtesy feels good!”

Courtesy: a new challenge for road users in Québec. In 2008, the SAAQ launched a pedestrian squad and a sharing the road awareness campaign.

“Let someone else go first – it'll make your day! Courtesy feels good!” This was the theme for our first courtesy and sharing the road campaign.

Courtesy Squad

Working in partnership with the Service de police de la Ville de Québec and in collaboration with the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), we used Québec's 400th anniversary celebrations as an opportunity to launch the Courtesy Squad.

Made up of a dozen students, the Squad travelled throughout Old Québec all summer long, from Espace 400e to avenue Cartier, on a mission targeting pedestrians to raise awareness of the importance of courtesy and road safety.


In a survey of motorists conducted in 2007, 83% stated that a lack of courtesy behind the wheel is an important problem in Québec, and 55% felt that Québec motorists are not very courteous.

TV commercials

Broadcast on French-language television from June 23 to July 27, 2008

Radio ads

Broadcast on French- and English-language stations from July 14 to August 24, 2008

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