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Airbag Deactivation

You must obtain our authorization before deactivating a vehicle's airbags.

Who can apply for airbag deactivation?

Individuals who believe that airbags represent a danger for themselves and their passengers can have their airbags deactivated, except if the airbags are equipped with a manual or automatic deactivation system. To know if this is the case, check the vehicle's owner's manual or see a dealer.

Who should consider airbag deactivation?

  • those who have no choice but to carry in the front passenger seat:
  • a baby in a rear-facing infant seat
  • a child aged 12 or younger
  • drivers who cannot change their usual driving position in order to maintain a distance of 25 cm between the centre of the steering wheel and the centre of their chest
  • individuals with health problems for which a physician has issued an opinion specifying that the deployment of an airbag represents a greater risk than striking the head, neck or chest on the steering wheel, dashboard or on any other part of the vehicle or passenger

Are you sure that you want to have your airbags deactivated?

Deactivating one or more airbags provides no benefit to you or to other passengers. Rather, it deprives you of a proven safety device that could save your life.

To apply for airbag deactivation

  1. Fill out the Declaration of Requirement for Air Bag Deactivation (PDF, 104.5 ko) form and mail it to us.
  2. If your application is granted, we will send you a document entitled Autorisation de désactivation des coussins gonflables (in French only).
  3. Make an appointment with an authorized dealer to have your airbags deactivated.
    • You must bring the Autorisation de désactivation des coussins gonflables document with you.
    • The dealer or service technicians have no obligation to deactivate your airbags, even if you have received our authorization for airbag deactivation (some vehicle manufacturers prohibit deactivation of airbags).
  4. Within 7 days following the installation of a switch or the deactivation of the airbags, the dealer's authorized agent or the service technician must return the Autorisation de désactivation des coussins gonflables to us, in which airbag deactivation has been confirmed.

The SAAQ's authorization is mandatory for airbag deactivation

Deactivating an airbag without the SAAQ's prior authorization is prohibited. This offense is punishable by a fine of $300 to $600, plus fees.

The authorization for deactivation is not transferable: it applies to the vehicle's owner who has made the request, and not to the vehicle.

Mandatory airbag reactivation when transferring ownership of the vehicle

When a vehicle whose front airbags have been deactivated is transferred to a new owner, the airbags must be reactivated.

Last update: May 27, 2022