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Cars and Motorcycles: How to Get Your First Driver’s Licence

Here is everything you need to know about getting your licence to drive a car or motorcycle and driving safely. 

Learner's Licence

The learner's licence in brief

To obtain a Class 5 learner's licence to drive an automobile, you must:

  • complete the 4 modules of Phase 1 of the driving course. Each module includes a 2-hour theory component given in the classroom and a self-study component to be completed on the Road Safety Education Program site
  • pass the knowledge test given by your driving school (module5)

The Class 5 learner’s licence gives you access to the road network provided you are accompanied by a driving school monitor or an accompanying rider. An accompanying rider is a person who has held a valid Québec driver’s licence of the appropriate class for at least 2 years, and who is qualified to provide you with help and advice.

To obtain a Class 6A learner’s licence to operate a motorcycle, you must:

  • pass the knowledge test
  • take a driving course at a recognized driving school
  • pass the closed track road test


The Class 6A learner’s licence authorizes you to drive a motorcycle on the road and perfect your skills for at least 11 months, during which time you must respect the curfew prohibiting you from operating your motorcycle between midnight and 5 a.m.

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The learner's licence – it's serious business!

Exemple d'un permis d'apprenti conducteur pour un véhicule de promenade

Demerit points


You have a threshold of 4 demerit points.

If you accumulate 4 points, your learner's licence will be suspended for 90 days, and if you are found guilty of an offence under the Highway Safety Code, your licence will be revoked for a minimum period of 3 months, and you will be fined for the offences you have committed.

Zero tolerance


With a learner's licence, regardless of your age, it's zero alcohol. Zero tolerance remains in effect as long as you hold a learner's licence. For more information, visit the Drinking and Driving: Impairment and Consequences page.

For you–and for all drivers–, it's also zero tolerance for drugsAll drugs can now be detected.


You may not drive between midnight and 5 a.m.

Helpful tip…

Choose your accompanying rider carefully

Make sure you choose someone who is patient, calm, understanding and who is very familiar with the Highway Safety Code and the basic road safety rules. Your accompanying rider should be capable of providing you with help and advice at all times.

About insurance

Remind your accompanying rider that he or she may have to contract a special insurance policy for the entire duration of your learning period. You have to think of everything!

Probationary Licence

The probationary licence in brief

You have finished the driving course and passed the knowledge test. The road test is the final step before obtaining a probationary licence. The probationary licence allows you to drive an automobile unaccompanied. This gives you 24 months to gain experience and adopt safe behaviours before getting your regular driver’s licence.

Remember, this licence does not authorize you to act as an accompanying rider for a driver who holds a Class 5 learner’s licence.

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The probationary licence – it's serious business

Example of a probationary licence for a passenger vehicle

Demerit points

You have a threshold of 4 demerit points.

If you accumulate 4 demerit points, you lose your licence for at least 3 months, in addition to having to pay the fines for the offences committed.

Zero tolerance

With a probationary licence, regardless of your age, it's zero alcohol. Zero tolerance remains in effect as long as you hold a probationary licence. For more information, visit the Drinking and Driving: Impairment and Consequences page.

For you – and all other drivers –, it's also zero tolerance for drugs. All drugs can now be detected.

Authorized number of passengers between midnight and 5 a.m.

If you are 19 years of age or younger and have held your probationary licence for less than 12 months, you must comply with the rule concerning the number of passengers aged 19 or younger that you are authorized to carry between midnight and 5 a.m.


Months of driving experience with a probationary licence Number of passengers (19 years of age or younger)
6 months or less 1
More than 6 months 3

Regardless of the number of months you have driven with a probationary licence, members of your immediate family are not taken into account in the authorized number of passengers:

  • your married, civil union or de facto spouse;
  • your children and your spouse's children;
  • your brothers and sisters;
  • any other child of your father or mother or of either's spouse.

Restrictions on the number of passengers aged 19 or younger do not apply if you are accompanied by someone who has held a driver's licence for at least 2 years, who is in a position to give you assistance and advice and who is seated in the front passenger's seat.

Driver's Licence

Congratulations! You now have your driver's licence!

Example of a new driver's licence with a black and white photo and additional security features

The only way to keep it is to drive safely

  • Don't drive if you're high on drugs or after drinking alcohol. Alcohol and drugs at the wheel are prohibited, because it endangers you and others!
  • Obey the speed limits and traffic rules. It's the only way to avoid demerit points, fines, or worse yet, an accident.
  • Leave your cell phone aside while you are driving. 

A demerit point bracket for every age

  • 8 points, if you are under age 23
  • 12 points, if you are 23 or 24
  • 15 points, if you are 25 or older

Even with a regular driver's licence, the zero alcohol rule applies to anyone under age 22

If you commit an offence, the vehicle you are driving is immediately seized and impounded and your licence is suspended for 90 days.

In addition, if you are found guilty:

  • 4 demerit points are entered in your driving record
  • you will have to pay a fine of $300 to $600 plus other costs

Last update: May 17, 2022