Finding a Recognized Driving School

If you wish to take a driving course to obtain a driver’s licence, it is important that you register with a driving school that is recognized by the SAAQ.

Even if a school is recognized by the SAAQ, it may be temporarily suspended further to an inspection. If the school is suspended, it cannot offer driving courses on a temporary basis, but it can still issue an attestation for the lessons that you have taken there.

Find your school in the list of driving schools recognized by the SAAQ (PDF, 388.6 ko)This file does not meet the Web accessibility standard..


Before you register for a driving course

  1. Complete the questionnaire to fill out before starting a driving course (PDF, 93.6 ko).

Before you sign a contract with a driving school

  1. Make sure that the school is on the list of driving schools recognized by the SAAQ. Its recognition certificate must be displayed on the premises.

When you sign the contract

  1. Make sure that the contract mentions the Road Safety Education Program (Programme d’éducation à la sécurité routière).
  2. Make sure that the contract is made in the name of the driving school with which you are registering, and ask for a copy of the contract when you sign it.
  3. If you are taking a course to drive an automobile (Class 5), make sure the fee is no higher than $1,024 + tax (maximum fee determined by the government). For courses to drive a motorcycle (Class 6A, 6B or 6C), a 3-wheel motorcycle (Class 6E) or a moped or motorized scooter (Class 6D), no maximum fee has been determined by the government.
  4. Ask for a receipt for each instalment you pay. Make sure that the receipt is in the name of the driving school with which you are registered. Here is the number of instalments that you can expect to pay, depending on the driving course:
    • Automobile: 6 instalments
    • Motorcycle: 4 equal instalments
    • Moped or motorized scooter and 3-wheel motorcycle: 2 equal instalments

For any questions concerning registering for a driving course, see the frequently asked questions.

During the course

  1. Make sure that the theoretical components are covered in class with the instructor and that you are not only studying on your own.
  2. Write down the dates on which you cover the theoretical modules and have practical sessions (on-road and on a closed track).
  3. Check the accuracy of the information on the student’s sheet (e.g. your name, the name of your instructor) that you sign at the end of each lesson.

To help improve your driving, the school may recommend that you take complementary driving lessons. You are allowed to refuse them if they are not part of the SAAQ’s Road Safety Education Program.

When you receive an attestation

  1. Make sure that the school gives you your attestation (free of charge, even if your contract has expired). However, the school is entitled to withhold your attestation if you owe it money.
  2. Check the accuracy of the information on the driving course attestation (e.g. name of the school, address). 
  3. Make sure that the school’s seal has been placed at the bottom of the attestation given to you at the end of the course. 

If you notice that a driving school is not complying with these guidelines, you can file a complaint with the SAAQ.

Schools that have closed or that are no longer recognized by the SAAQ

For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Last update: January  6, 2023