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Car Surfing and Street Racing: Dangerous and Prohibited Practices

Car surfing and street racing are dangerous practices that are severly punished.

Car surfing is…

  • Riding on the roof, back or side of a moving vehicle.
  • Riding in a moving trailer or semi-trailer, or tolerating the occurrence of such practices.
  • Holding onto a moving vehicle.
  • Riding on a skateboard, sled, snowboard, bicycle, couch or any other object that is pulled by a vehicle.

Car surfing and street racing – what is the cost?

  • $1,000 to $3,000 in fines
  • Immediate seizure and impoundment of the vehicle for 7 days, plus the towing and impoundment, administrative and legal fees, taxes, etc.
  • 12 demerit points
  • Immediate suspension of the driver's licence for 7 days, and:
    • the offence remains in the driving record for 10 years
    • the cost of the driver's licence will increase according to the number of demerit points accumulated
    • automobile or motorcycle insurance will be very expensive. Some insurers may even refuse to insure you.

Car surfing and street racing

Aggravating factors may be taken into consideration in the arrest and could result in a conviction under the Criminal Code.

Street racing is…

  • Flooring the accelerator and taking risks to impress others.
  • Seriously endangering the lives of others.
  • Mistaking a street, road, highway or any public place for a race track.
  • Betting on or participating in a race, with or without a wager or stake.

Don't confuse streets with race tracks

Enjoy the tracks that are specially designed for that purpose instead!

Last update: May 17, 2022