What the Law Says

The Regulation respecting the health of drivers sets out the medical conditions that have an effect on driving a road vehicle. The most common conditions include eye problems or visual deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, cognitive disorders, epilepsy, and diabetes.

A person’s state of health may result in the addition of one or more conditions to their licence, a refusal or withdrawal of a class of licence, or a refusal to issue a driver’s licence.

State of health

In Québec, all drivers must meet certain requirements with regard to their state of health and vision. They are also required to notify the SAAQ of any changes to their physical or mental condition that could hinder their ability to drive. For more information, consult the page State of Health and Driver’s Licences.

It is possible for individuals to make a confidential report to the SAAQ regarding a driver whose ability to drive seems diminished. If you believe that a person close to you is unfit to drive or that their state of health constitutes a risk to their own safety and the safety of others, you may contact the SAAQ.

In addition to the reason for which you are making a report, you must provide the name of the driver in question as well as one of the following elements for identification purposes:

  • their driver’s licence number
  • their date of birth
  • their address
  • their licence plate number

Last update: June  4, 2022