Alternative Solutions

Listen to your body and do not drive if you are not in a condition to do so safely. There are many other ways to get around.

If you have doubts regarding your ability to drive due to your state of health, talk to your physician and follow his or her recommendations. After you receive appropriate treatment, your condition could improve to the point where you may safely resume driving.

If you must stop driving, talk to those close to you about the possibilities available to you to get around:

  • Carpooling or getting rides with those close to you
  • Taxis or vehicles comparable to taxis
  • Shuttles
  • Public transit (bus, train, subway)
  • Paratransit
  • Walking
  • Biking

Find out about services offered in your area

Some organizations and volunteers offer to transport people who require assistance, sometimes for free. To find out about the resources offered in your area, contact your municipality or the nearest CLSC.

Bring someone along

If you think you may need help getting around, ask someone close to you to accompany you when walking or using public transit.

Last update: July 21, 2021