Reacquiring or Reinstating a Driver’s Licence

Dependence on alcohol, drugs or medication


If your driver's licence was suspended for a substance use disorder (alcohol, drugs or medication), you must prove that you can dissociate driving from substance use in order to reacquire your licence.

1 What you should know

Through a medical examination, a physician or a specialized nurse practitioner can establish a diagnosis of substance use disorder in connection with alcohol, drugs or medication, which will be indicated in a medical report that you must then send to us.

After analyzing the medical report and your driving record, we will notify you in writing of our decision whether to suspend your licence.

If we decide to suspend your driver’s licence

You may no longer drive as long as the suspension remains in effect.

What is a driver’s licence suspension?

A driver’s licence suspension means your licence is no longer valid for the length of the suspension period.

If you drive with a suspended licence, you face:

  • a fine of $300 to $600, in addition to legal and administrative costs
  • Seizure and impoundment of the vehicle you are driving for 30 days. The vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense

2 Procedure to reacquire the right to drive

Step 1 – Show that you are in long-term remission or undergo the program to assess and reduce the risk of impaired driving (PECA)

What you have to do

  1. Register.
  2. Pay the assessment fees.
  3. Meet with an assessment specialist.
  4. Undergo a 7- to 9-month supervision plan and meet the objectives set out by the assessment specialist.
  5. Once the process has been completed, show that your consumption habits are not incompatible with your ability to safely drive a vehicle.
  6. Read the assessment report you will be sent, a copy of which we will also receive.

Step 2 – Wait for our decision

After analyzing the assessment report, your driving record and your state of health, we will send you a letter to inform you of our decision whereby:

  • you will be authorized to drive; or
  • your licence suspension will be upheld

If you disagree with our decision, you have 60 days to contest it by filing an application for review to our Service de la révision or before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec (TAQ).

If you wish to drive during our assessment

You may apply for a licence bearing Condition I, which requires you to only drive a vehicle that is equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock deviceA device that prevents a vehicle from starting when it detects the presence of alcohol in the driver’s body..

Contact us to check whether you meet these conditions

Québec area: 418-643-5506
Elsewhere (Québec, Canada, United States): 1-800-561-2858

Last update: May 13, 2022