Obtaining a Driver's Licence

3-wheel motorcycles (Class 6E)


To obtain a Class 6E licence, which authorizes you to ride 3-wheel motorcycles, you must hold a Class 5 licence and complete a driving course.

To drive a 3-wheel motorcycle

You must:

  • hold a valid Class 6A, 6B or 6C probationary or regular motorcycle driver's licence

  • hold a valid Class 5 and Class 6E (3-wheel motorcycle) driver's licence

You do not need to hold a motorcycle licence to drive 3-wheel T-Rex- or Slingshot-type vehicles. A valid Class 5 driver’s licence allows you to operate such vehicles.

1 A Class 6E 3-wheel motorcycle is

A motorcycle that does not have a side-car and that:

  • is designed to move on 3 wheels in contact with the ground
  • is designed so that its wheels remain perpendicular to the road in curves
  • is equipped with seats that the riders must straddle
  • does not have a structure partially or entirely concealing the driver and passenger, except the part in front of the driver and the seat backrest

Holders of a Class 6E licence are also authorized to drive 2-wheel motorcycles on which a conversion kit—composed of a metal structure and of a pair of auxiliary wheels aligned on the axle of the motorcycle’s back wheel—has been installed.

Note that the definition of a 3-wheel motorcycle for rating purposes may differ.


2 Conditions for obtaining a class 6E licence (3-wheel motorcycle)

    • Costs

      • Driver’s licence: $36.80 – for one year
      • Adding Class 6E to a Class 5 licence: $17.10*
      • Class 5 driver’s licence with Class 6E: $36.80 – for one year

      *Payment of an insurance contribution may be required

In order to obtain a Class 6E motorcycle licence, you must:

  • hold a valid Class 5 (passenger vehicle) licence
  • successfully complete the Road Safety Education Program – Operating a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle driving course at a driving school recognized by the SAAQ
  • pay the licence fees that apply

If you only hold a Class 5 learner’s licence or probationary licence, you are not eligible to obtain a Class 6E licence.

On a motorcycle, wear the right gear at all times

Wearing full motorcycle safety gear is your only protection in the event of an accident or a fall:

  • a helmet that meets safety standards, with a visor or protective goggles
  • a long-sleeved jacket made of leather or an anti-abrasive material, such as Kevlar or Cordura
  • long pants made of leather or an anti-abrasive material
  • leather gloves that cover the wrists
  • boots with grip soles and flat heels designed for motorcycle riding

To find out more, go to the page Motorcycle Helmets and Protective Gear.

Payment methods

At our service outlets, we accept payment:

  • in cash
  • by Interac (debit card)—not available in some service outlets
  • by cheque or money order

Payment by credit card is not accepted.

Last update: August 30, 2022