Interactive Map

The interactive map of the 2022 road safety record lets you visualize statistics related to road accidents and driver’s licence holders, detailed by Québec region, regional county municipality (MRC) or municipality. The map is available in French only.  

The data used in the interactive map are based on the accident reports filled out by police officers following accidents that occurred in 2022 and reported to the SAAQ before January 30, 2023. 

Using the map



Eight tabs are available above the map:

  1. Number of accidents
  2. Number of deaths
  3. Fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants
  4. Number of accident victims
  5. Accident victims per 100,000 inhabitants
  6. Number of pedestrian victims
  7. Number of motorcyclist victims


The key is located in the right upper corner of the map and can be clicked open. It shows the territorial division currently displayed on the map (region, regional county municipality (MRC) or municipality) as well as a colour scale representing the selected road safety indicator. 


The overview tab is located in the bottom left corner and can be clicked open. It allows you to move around on the map. Simply move the rectangle on the miniaturized map. The overview feature is especially useful when the map is zoomed in. 


The search tool lets you find a specific location or address on the map. You can look up a region, an MRC or a municipality. Just click on the magnifying glass and enter your search terms in the box. To exit the search tool, click on the X in the search box.


The zoom feature lets you adjust the map’s display:

  • The + button zooms into the map (bringing you nearer). 
  • The – button zooms out of the map (bringing you farther out).
  • The button with a house icon brings you back to the initial map, showing all of Québec.


By clicking on an administrative region, an MRC or a municipality on the map, a tooltip appears and details the road safety indicators pertaining to the selected territory. These indicators are:

  1. Number of accidents
  2. Number of accident victims
  3. Number of fatalities
  4. Number of victims who sustained serious injuries
  5. Number of victims who sustained minor injuries
  6. Accidents per 100,000 inhabitants
  7. Fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants
  8. Victims with serious injuries per 100,000 inhabitants
  9. Victims with minor injuries per 100,000 inhabitants
  10. Number of pedestrian victims
  11. Number of motorcyclist victims
  12. Number of driver’s licence holders

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Questions and comments

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Last update: June 12, 2023