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Accompagnying passenger
Accompagnying Rider's Guide - Passenger Vehicle (PDF - 636 Ko) (31 pages) (PDF, 636.5 ko) C-6369-A

The person who is going to serve as accompanying rider during a learner's practice sessions will have to devote time and energy over eight or twelve months, depending on the learner's decision about taking a course in a recognized driving school. This guide is intended to help the accompanying rider in carrying out that task.

Air Bag Deactivation (PDF - 695 Ko) (8 pages) (PDF, 695.4 ko) C-6208-A

Airbags are proven, effective safety devices. You can deactivate the front airbags in your vehicle if they pose a risk for you or one of your vehicle’s other users. Reading this document will help you make an informed decision.

Alcohol ignition interlock device
Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (PDF - 225 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 224.1 ko) C-6652-A

To be authorized to drive a vehicle equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock device, you must hold a restricted licence or a licence with Condition I or Condition X.

Tempted text
Are You Tempted to Text at the Wheel? (PDF - 158 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 157.6 ko) C-5323-1-A

A promotional tool for the Focus Mode mobile application.

At Night – Adapt Your Driving
At Night – Adapt Your Driving (PDF - 469 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 229.5 ko) C-6614-2-A

Leaflet presenting behaviours to adopt when driving at night, as well as penalties that may apply

Carefree travel
Carefree Travel (PDF - 532 Ko) (20 pages) (PDF, 531.6 ko) C-5420-A

Intended as a reference tool, this publication lists the precautions you should take before travelling outside Québec if you plan on using a vehicle. It also provides useful tips on what you should do in the event of an accident. 

PDF only

Circle Check Guide (PDF - 11 Mo) (PDF, 10.6 Mo) C-6156-A

This guide is intended for heavy vehicle owners, operators and drivers and all stakeholders in the transportation industry who play a role in heavy vehicle maintenance and road safety. The Highway Safety Code specifies that all heavy vehicles must have been checked within the previous 24 hours, otherwise a new “circle check” must be carried out. The circle check is performed by the driver or by a person designated by the operator in order to ensure that the heavy vehicle complies with the standards in effect.

Table death benefits
Compensation Table (PDF - 187 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 186.7 ko) C-6651-A

Compensation Table shows the maximum amounts payable by the SAAQ in connection with an automobile accident.

PDF only

Conduct Review Policy for Heavy Vehicle Drivers (PDF - 1 Mo) (76 pages) (PDF, 1.2 Mo) C-6804-A

This policy governs how heavy vehicle driver records are kept and sets out the SAAQ's conduct review and intervention procedures.

PDF only

Conduct Review Policy for Heavy Vehicle Owners and Operators (PDF - 8 Mo) (142 pages) (PDF, 4.1 Mo) C-6803-A

This policy governs how heavy vehicle owner and operator records are kept and sets out the SAAQ's conduct review and intervention procedures.

PDF only

Criminal record check for authorized drivers (PDF - 339 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 339.4 ko) C-6715-A

This folder explains the steps to follow to have your criminal record checked in order to obtain or renew an authorized driver’s permit.

PDF only

Crossing the street safely (PDF - 250 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 250.5 ko) C-6733-A

Document intended for seniors reminding them of best practices for crossing the street

Demerit points
Demerit Points – Driver's Licence (PDF - 543 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 543.4 ko) C-6491-A

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec enters demerit points on the record of drivers who commit certain offences under the Highway Safety Code. Demerit points are entered on a driver's record following conviction of an offence or, its equivalent, payment of the fine, once the Société has the judgment in its possession or been advised of the fact by the court.

Demerit points penalty
Demerit Points – Penalty (PDF - 364 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 364.2 ko) C-6053-A

Highway Safety Code offences lead to the entry of demerit points on the driving record of drivers at fault. A penalty is one of the consequences imposed on driver's licence holders who have reached or exceeded the number of demerit points set for the bracket that applies to them. Consult this document to find out how to get a new driver's licence at the end of a penalty period.

Disabled Parking Permit (PDF - 7 Mo) (6 pages) (PDF, 6.8 Mo) C-6166-A

In Québec, a permit allows access to parking space reserved for disabled persons who have limited walking ability or cannot move about independently without risk to their health or safety. The permit allows a disabled person, whether a vehicle driver or passenger, to use a handicapped parking space.

PDF only

Don't Fall for Stories (PDF - 399 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 398.6 ko) C-5177-A

Before leasing or buying a used motor vehicle, it would be wise to obtain a copy of the vehicle's record, its real history.

PDF only

Driver Fatigue - Fatigue management guide (PDF - 1 Mo) (12 pages) (PDF, 1.0 Mo) C-6705-A

Like alcohol and speeding, fatigue causes devastation on our roads. Find out ways to prevent fatigue, and learn how to recognize the warning signs.