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Sharing the Road with Motorcycles 2023

“It’s not about seeing, it’s about looking. Drivers, look twice for motorcycles.”

The “Drivers, look twice for motorcycles” campaign aims to raise awareness among drivers of the importance of paying attention and anticipating the presence of motorcycles on the road, especially when making left turns.

Whether riding a motorcycle or driving a car, we must all consider other road users and stay alert when we encounter them in order to share the road safely and cooperatively. Motorists are invited to be extra cautious around motorcyclists, in particular by keeping an eye out for them, and motorcyclists are invited to make themselves visible and adopt behaviours that ensure their safety.


Commercial broadcast on French-language television from April 24 to May 21, 2023

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Commercial broadcast on French-language television from April 24 to May 21, 2023

Il ne suffit pas de bien voir, il faut bien regarder. (It’s not about seeing, it’s about looking.)

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