Awareness Campaigns

2023 Fatigue Campaign

Stop! Before Fatigue Stops You

This awareness campaign aims to remind drivers that fatigue affects their ability to drive and can lead to accidents. Whether it is caused by a lack of sleep or by prolonged periods of intense concentration, fatigue lowers a driver’s vigilance.

Driver fatigue can manifest itself in different ways. Your ability to drive is already affected when these signs appear:

  • frequent yawning
  • tired or itchy eyes
  • difficulty concentrating and staying alert
  • slower reaction times
  • irritability, aggressiveness or agitation
  • erratic or disorganized thoughts
  • trouble interpreting your surroundings (for example, you think you see a shadow on the road)
  • difficulty maintaining constant speed and trajectory

Video clip

Video clip broadcast on French-language television and Web TV from February 13 to March 19, 2023