Awareness Campaigns

2022 Impaired Driving Summer Campaign

“Don’t drink and drive!”
“No drugs and driving”

This campaign reminds drivers that driving a vehicle after having drunk alcohol or taken drugs, even in small amounts, is a risky behaviour that can have serious consequences. It also aims to explain that there are many alternative solutions for getting home safely.

Alternative solutions to driving while impaired

  • Public transit
  • Taxi, Uber or other rideshare services
  • Drive-home services
  • Designated driver
  • Sleeping over

The best solution is to never drive after having drunk alcohol or taken drugs, even in small amounts.

Radio ad

Ad broadcast on French- and English-language traditional and digital radio stations from June 20 to July 17, 2022

Video clip

French-language video clip posted on Facebook from June 22 or July 17, 2022

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No 420 (No. 420)

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Memes posted on Facebook starting on June 20, 2022

Arbre de décision (decision tree)

Rester à coucher (sleeping over)

Comparaison (comparison)


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