Awareness Campaigns

2016 Cell Phone and Texting Campaign

“When you text and drive, you just don’t care about the consequences”

The 2016 campaign – “When you text and drive, you just don’t care about the consequences.” – aims to remind drivers of the very real and sometimes devastating repercussions of texting at the wheel.

TV commercial

Commercial broadcast on French-language television from September 19 to October 16, 2016.

Radio ad

Ad aired on English-language radio from September 19 to October 16, 2016.


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Prank Ad

Textez au volant et courez la chance de partir pour le grand voyage!
(Text and drive and you could win a trip to your final destination!)

Prank ad, on French-language radio, social media and web platforms to reinforce the campaign message, “When you text and drive, you just don’t care about the consequences.”

Print ads

Billboards along highways and ads on city buses across the province.

« À deux doigts de la mort » : Messages imprimés placés aux abords des autoroutes et sur les autobus urbains de la province.

Anti-texting and driving static window cling

The SAAQ is continuing the promotion of its anti-texting static clings for car windows. The window cling is available at SAAQ service centres, from some road safety partners and at Familiprix stores.


Static window cling against texting while driving

Mobile application

Launched during the 2012 campaign, the Focus Mode application for Android devices (compatible with Android 4.0 to 6.0) blocks incoming calls and text messages and automatically sends acknowledgement of receipt-type messages to those trying to contact the driver. It can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play.

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