Awareness Campaigns

2013 Young Drivers Campaign – Victims of Silence

“Victims of Silence”

In 2013, the Young Drivers campaign was taken to Québec’s cégeps with Victims of Silence, a bold awareness-raising campaign on speeding, texting at the wheel and drinking and driving.

Victims of silence involved:

  • 3 “ghosts” filmed in 3D

  • over 20 French-language cégeps across Québec

  • reaching out to hundreds of young people

A 3D screen was hidden behind a mirror in cégep washrooms. When the presence of a person was detected, the mirror displayed the ghost of a young person who talked about being killed in an accident.

The goal of this campaign was to encourage young people aged 16-24 to speak up when they feel that a driver is endangering their lives.

Video clip

Video clip posted on the Internet, based on images collected during the Victims of Silence awareness activity.

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Des fantômes pour sensibiliser

(Ghosts to raise awareness – in French)

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