Awareness Campaigns

2013 Motorcyclists Campaign

"It's Hard Not to Notice a Motorcycle… Except on the Road"

The 2013 campaign aimed at encouraging motorists to pay better attention to motorcyclists.

By wearing clothing that is brightly coloured or has reflective strips, or by turning on the motorcycle's auxiliary lights, motorcyclists make themselves more visible and are at a lesser risk of having an accident.

TV commercial

Commercial broadcast on French-language television from April 14 to May 6, 2013

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En auto, pensons moto

This commercial portrays motorcyclists who draw attention to themselves and stand out from the crowd wherever they go because they are wearing distinctive motorcycle gear.

Transcript : En auto, pensons moto

Web banner

Banner displayed on motorcycle-related Web sites from April 15 to May 26, 2013

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En moto, soyez visibles (Motorcyclists, be visible.)


The Motorcyclists, Be Visible (PDF, 4.1 Mo) folder was enclosed with the March 2013 motorcycle and moped/scooter registration renewal notices

Print ad

A French-language ad published in Le guide de la moto 2013, Sports motorisés magazine, Moto journal and Custom Tour

French-language print ad entitled «L'asphalte râpe. En moto, portez les bons vêtements.»

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