Awareness Campaigns

2013 Cyclists Campaign

Bicycle safety

To encourage cyclists to exercise caution, we continued our awareness activities in cooperation with our partners through our 2013 bicycle safety campaign.

Les énigmes de Génivélo: a kit for young cyclists aged 7 to 12

A kit entitled Les énigmes de Génivélo was provided to police officers free of charge for their awareness activities with children aged 7 to 12. Starting in 2013, this kit includes an animated cartoon on DVD.

The DVD version of the animated guide entitled À vélo sur le réseau routier (in French only) was made available to various partners, such as high schools.

The Tour du Silence (Ride of Silence)

To commemorate cyclists who were killed or injured on the road, we cooperated once again with the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes for the Tour du Silence (Ride of Silence).

This silent bicycle ride is the largest active awareness-raising activity to promote bicycle and road safety across Québec.

The Tour du Silence is held every year, on the third Wednesday in May, at many locations around the world. This event reminds cyclists about basic safety rules and makes motorists aware of the vulnerability of cyclists.