Awareness Campaigns

2010 Motorcyclists Campaign

“Motorcyclists, Watch Out at Intersections!”

Intersections present a number of risks, especially for motorcyclists. To encourage motorcyclists and motorists to be vigilant as they approach an intersection, the SAAQ broadcast a 30-second television commercial.

Nearly 40% of fatal collisions involving a motorcycle and an automobile occur at intersections, where motorists making a left turn cut off motorcyclists travelling toward their right side because they either saw them too late or not at all.

TV commercial

Commercial broadcast on all main French-language networks from April 5 to May 2, 2010

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Motocyclistes, attention aux intersections! (Motorcyclists, watch out at intersections!)

The scene depicts a motorist making a left turn at an intersection. Two scenarios are shown. The first shows an accident occurring, whereas the second shows an accident that is avoided.

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