Modes of Transportation

Farm Machinery: Common Sense

Operating farm machinery or a combination of farm vehicles is subject to certain rules and requires common sense. Other road users may pass farm machinery in certain circumstances only.

Farm machinery operators

Make sure that headlights and lights are working properly

Owners and operators of farm machinery or combinations of farm vehicles must make sure that their warning devices work properly and comply with the Highway Safety Code and the Regulation respecting the visibility and traffic of farm machines wider than 2.6 metres, if they are wider than 2.6 metres and owned by a farmer.

Lighting devices

Starting on July 25, 2022, farm trailers, farm machines and trailers used for the exclusive transport of unprocessed timber that meet the conditions specified in section 240.2 of the Highway Safety Code must, when being operatedtravelling at night, be equipped at the rear with at least one red taillight placed as close as possible to the left lateral extremity and visible from a distance of at least 150 metres.

Detachable equipment may be used to replace those lights.

Before turning, make sure nobody is trying to pass you

If your vehicle is not equipped with turn signal lights, you must signal your intentions with your arm and make sure that you are able to turn safely, both for your sake and the sake of others.

If you fail to comply with this obligation, you could be fined $30, plus fees.

Be careful of what you carry from the fields to the road

Clean your wheels as soon as possible when going from your fields to a public roadway.

If you fail to comply with the obligation to not dispose of, deposit or abandon any objects or substances on a public roadway, you could be fined $60, plus fees.

Other road users

Passing farm machinery

To pass farm machinery, you may encroach upon:

  • a solid single line
  • a solid double line
  • a double line with one solid line and one broken line

However, you may do so only if

  • you can safely carry out the passing manoeuvre.

Last update: July 26, 2022