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Cycling: One Head, One Helmet

Head injuries sustained during a fall while cycling can be serious or even fatal. Avoid the worst by wearing a helmet that will protect you in the event of an accident.

Helmets: armour for your head

Wearing a bike helmet is essential to avoid the worst. Their effectiveness has been proven, so you can rely on them!

In the event of a fall, helmets:

  • absorb impacts
  • distribute the force of impact over a greater surface

Wear a helmet and fasten it, even if you are riding only a short distance. If your helmet isn't fastened, it will fall off and leave you unprotected if you fall.

A properly adjusted helmet

Side view of a boy wearing a bike helmet that is tilted too far forward Side view of a boy wearing a bike helmet that is tilted too far backward Side view of a boy wearing a bike helmet correctly

  • It should sit on the middle of your head. Measure the width of a finger between your eyebrows and the helmet.
  • The straps should not have any slack and should form a “Y” shape under the earlobes.
  • Adjustment of the buckle should leave room for one finger between the strap and your chin.
  • It should not slide around.
  • It should fit snugly, but should not be uncomfortable.

If necessary, use the foam pad inserts that come with the helmet to properly adjust it.

Choosing the right helmet

Make sure your helmet has been approved by one of the following organizations: CSA, CPSC, ASTM, CEN or SNELL.

If the name of one of these organizations appears on the inside of the helmet or on its packaging, it guarantees that the helmet meets performance standards, including resistance to impact.

Never buy a second-hand helmet, because you don't know whether it has been damaged

As soon as it is subject to an impact, a bicycle helmet loses its effectiveness. You should replace it:

  • if it has been dropped
  • if it is cracked

Electric bikes: helmets are mandatory

If you are riding an electric bike, the Highway Safety Code requires that you wear a bike helmet. Other obligations also apply. To find out more, see the section on electric bikes.

Video clips

For more information, you can refer to the following French-language video clips.

Last update: June  1, 2022