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Reprogramming of Airbag Electronic Control Modules

You may reuse an airbag electronic control module, provided that it has been reprogrammed by Recyclage EA-7 and that it has been reinstalled in the original vehicle.

The control module is the computer that orders airbags to deploy. An order is given only if the information transmitted by the sensors during an accident complies with programming parameters. As soon as airbags are deployed, a code is entered in the computer's data, which prevents it from functioning again. A control module may be used for more than one accident, on the condition that it is reprogrammed.

The Highway Safety Code specifies that no one may reprogram or repair a control module other than the representative authorized by the vehicle's manufacturer or a person authorized by the SAAQ on its conditions.

Recyclage EA-7, authorized by statute, is a Québec business that has shown that it is able to reprogram certain modules in compliance with methods recognized by the SAAQ. For more information on the makes and models reprogrammable by this business:

Recyclage EA-7 website

Last update: January  4, 2023