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Headlights: Have Them Polished

If your headlights have become more opaque over time, have them polished instead of replacing them. You will see better, be seen from farther away and save money.

Headlights are meant to help you see and be seen

Your headlights are your eyes' best allies when you drive at night or at dusk. Think about it!

The transparent plastic used to manufacture headlights is light and offers several design possibilities. However, it is sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Over time, the rays affect the headlights, making them more opaque.

Worn headlights are never good for safety

If your headlights are dull, scratched or worn, they become less effective and make you run unnecessary risks.

Polishing your headlights, an effective and low-cost solution

Instead of replacing your headlights, you can polish them yourself or have them polished by specialists. Polishing your headlights is much cheaper than replacing them, and will:

  • make your headlights as effective as they used to be
  • make your vehicle look better
  • help avoid waste

Tarnished headlight before polishingClear headlight after polishing

Polishing your headlights yourself

There are several available products to polish your headlights yourself and make them look as good as new. Choose non-toxic products to gently remove the damaged layer on the surface of the headlights.

What if you must replace a headlight?

A recycled genuine part is better than a new “inexpensive” part for the following reasons:

  • manufacturing quality
  • lighting intensity
  • durability
  • ease of installation

Last update: May 27, 2022