Conditions for Installing and Using Authorized Screens in a Vehicle

If you want to install and use a screen that displays information useful for driving, you must comply with the rules for doing so.

Required features and conditions that must be met when using a screen in a vehicle

  • The screen must have control keys that are easy to locate, access and use.
  • It must have a fixed mount that will hold it securely in place in the vehicle.
  • It must be placed where you can view it easily.

The screen must not:

  • Obstruct your field of vision or interfere with the operation of the vehicle.
  • Conceal indicators on the vehicle's instrument panel, such as the speedometer.
  • Prevent the operation of equipment or reduce its effectiveness, for example by interfering with airbag deployment or with the defrosting of windows in winter.

If the screen displays messages

  • The messages must be short and easy to read so as to not interfere with your driving.

Program your screen in a safe place

In other words, program it before you take to the road!

If you have to handle the device during your trip, be sure to stop in a safe place where parking is permitted.

Last update: June  3, 2022