Sign-Language Services

The SAAQ can help you access a professional LSQ or ASL sign-language interpreter.

Are you deaf or hard of hearing and in need of a professional LSQLangue des signes québécoise or ASLAmerican Sign Language sign-language interpreter? We can help you obtain the services of such a specialist.

When you make an appointment for your knowledge test and you request the services of an interpreter, we will designate an interpreter for you. If you require assistance to obtain services in one of our service centres, you may come with the interpreter of your choice. The interpreter’s fees will be paid by the SAAQ.

Conditions for payment of fees

  • The services of an interpreter must be necessary for the provision of the service in the service centre.
  • The professional interpreter must work for a sign-language interpretation organization or business or be a member of an association providing such a service.

Please note:

Family members, friends, social workers, teachers and other acquaintances are not considered to be professional interpreters and their services do not qualify for payment.

Application for payment

The invoice must clearly indicate:

  • the name of the organization providing the interpretation services, the date and the invoice number
  • the name of the deaf or hard-of-hearing client, the name of the interpreter, and the date on which services were provided
  • the hourly rate
  • the number of hours billed as well as the total amount charged. The hours billed must correspond to the number of hours of interpretation indicated on the Confirmation d’interprétation form (in French only: this form is filled out by service centre staff after the services requiring an interpreter have been provided)

Send the invoice to the relevant service centre for payment and enclose a copy of the Confirmation d’interprétation form.

Last update: July 21, 2021