Renewal of your plasticized driver's licence with photo

If your plasticized driver’s licence is set to expire, the SAAQ will reuse the photo it currently has on file to issue your new plasticized licence. This will allow you to avoid having to go to a service outlet to renew your licence and have your photo taken. You will receive your new licence in the mail, along with your payment notice. Refer to the following mailing schedule:

Expiry date indicated on your plasticized licence(1) Mailing date
Between June 1 and 30, 2023 Completed
Between September 1 and 15, 2023 Completed
Between July 1 and 31, 2023 Completed
Between September 16 and 30, 2023 Completed
Between October 1 and 31, 2023 Completed
Between August 1 and 31, 2023 Completed
Between November 1 and 30, 2023 Completed
Between December 1 and 31, 2023 September 30, 2023 at the latest

(1) Note that the validity period of plasticized driver’s licences that normally expire between June 1 and September 1, and for which a photo is required, has been extended. Licence holders now have a 90-day grace period from the date their licence normally expires (their birthday) to renew their licence. Please note, however, that your licence will not be valid outside Québec during this grace period. Licence holders in this situation will receive their payment notice and new licence in the mail according to the above schedule.

We encourage you to pay your driver’s licence renewal fees through your financial institution (online or at the counter). If you have already made an appointment to have your photo taken at a service outlet, please cancel it.