Several important changes geared toward providing a better client experience

The digital shift currently underway at the SAAQ involves several big changes that will improve client experience by decreasing wait times and making services more accessible.  

The following changes will take effect with the launch of SAAQclic on February 20, 2023:

  • Licences plates will be delivered in the mail. From now on your licence plate will be mailed to your home, regardless of whether you use our online services or go to a service outlet. You will install the licence plate on your vehicle yourself. This means that you will no longer have to go to a service outlet to have a vehicle registered because you can do so through your SAAQclic account. While waiting to receive your metal licence plate, you must print the provisional paper licence plate and stick it where it can easily be seen in the top left corner of your vehicle’s rear windshield.
  • The registration certificate will be printed on white paper. Instead of being printed on green paper with a detachable portion and then mailed, the registration certificate will now be printed on white paper. You will not need to worry if your registration certificate gets lost or damaged because you can reprint it as need be from your SAAQclic account.   
  • The registration certificate will be easier to understand. We have simplified and personalized the information that appears on the registration certificate so that it is easier for everyone to understand. For example, the codes have been replaced by words, and any fields that do not apply are not included.
  • The learner’s licence will be printed on white paper. The learner’s licence will now be printed on white paper, which means you will receive it faster.
  • You can make a one-time bank payment or use pre-authorized debits when paying online. Credit cards will no longer be accepted when paying online. You will have to make a one-time bank payment or sign up for pre-authorized debits. The payment options at service outlets will not change (debit card, cash, cheque or pre-authorized debits).

Note that it will also be possible to choose how you would like the SAAQ to contact you in the “My Profile” section of the new SAAQclic platform. You can choose to be contacted online instead of by mail. In doing so, you can help save paper. You will have access to all your electronic correspondence in the “My Messages” section and receive email notifications whenever a new message is added.

We hope all these changes will make your experience with us even better!