Vehicle Storage, Licensing for Road Use or Discarding

Licensing a Stored Vehicle


If you want to use a vehicle you have put in storage, you must submit a request to the SAAQ to license it for road use.

You can only licensing a stored vehicle  on the same day you wish to put the vehicle back on the road. You cannot use this service in advance. 

If the vehicle has been in storage for 12 months or longer

It must undergo a mandatory mechanical inspection.

If the vehicle passes the inspection, you will be given a valid mechanical inspection certificate, which you will have to present during the transaction.

1 Procedure to license a stored vehicle


For more information about using these online services, watch the video on licensing a stored vehicle (in French only).

In person

You must present, at one of our service outlets:

  • the licence plate number of the stored vehicle you wish to license for road use
  • your driver's licence or other official document with photo

2 Costs and payment

When licensing a stored vehicle, you must pay the registration fee for the entire current month as well as the period that remains before the regular registration month.

Payment methods accepted

  • Visa or Mastercard (online service only)
  • pre-authorized debits
  • Interac (debit card)
  • cheque
  • cash

3 If you license a stored vehicle – and – you store another vehicle on the same day

  1. Store your vehicle.
  2. License your other vehicle for road use and pay the registration fee until your expiry month.
  3. You will receive a reimbursement by cheque or on your pre-authorized debits, if applicable.

Last update: May 16, 2022