Designating a Registrant (Co-Owned Vehicles)

A registrant must be designated in order to carry out operations regarding a co-owned vehicle. For more information about the registrant’s responsibilities, please refer to the Fact Sheet - Registering a Co-Owned Vehicle (PDF, 137.2 ko)This file does not meet the Web accessibility standard..

To designate a co-owner as the registrant, you will need information found on the following:

  • the driver’s licence of each co-owner
  • the registration certificate of each co-owned vehicle

All fields are mandatory, unless otherwise indicated.


    First co-owner
    Second co-owner
    Third co-owner (if applicable)

    If there is no third co-owner, leave the fields in this section empty.

    Co-Owned Vehicle(s)

    The information requested in this section can be found on the vehicle registration certificate.

    First co-owned vehicle
    Second co-owned vehicle (if applicable)

    If there is no second co-owned vehicle, leave the fields in this section empty.


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    Last update: June 16, 2023