Registering a Vehicle

Veteran’s Licence Plate


Veterans can request a commemorative licence plate for their vehicles.

Licence plate adorned with a poppy, the faces of two soldiers in profile, one a man and the other a woman, a poppy field, and the word “vétérans”.

The commemorative licence plate is offered exclusively to veterans who request one from the Royal Canadian Legion - Québec Command.


Once your status as a veteran has been confirmed by the Royal Canadian Legion:

  • you can order your commemorative licence plate using SAAQclic 
  • a commemorative licence plate will be automatically issued when you register a new vehicle

Temporary licence plate

You must print a temporary paper licence plate bearing a randomly generated number while waiting to receive your metal plate in the mail. You must place the temporary plate in the top left corner of the vehicle’s rear window. For vehicles that do not have rear windows, such as motorcycles, the temporary plate must be visible on the vehicle.

  • A veteran's licence plate cannot be transferred, even if the vehicle is given to someone else.
  • A veteran’s licence plate cannot be personalized.
  • The registration certificate for a veteran's licence plate is always issued to an individual, never a business.

Vehicles eligible for a veteran’s licence plate

Veterans can request a commemorative licence plate for the following vehicles:

  • a passenger vehicleA motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, a moped and a minibus. This vehicle must be owned by a natural person, carry up to 9 occupants (where such transportation does not require a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec), and be used mainly for personal purposes.
  • an electric passenger vehicle
  • a motorcycle, moped or motorized scooter
  • an electric motorcycle or an electric moped or motorized scooter
  • a motor homeA motor vehicle permanently converted into living quarters. weighing 3,000 kg or less

Vehicles not eligible for a veteran’s licence plate

Certain vehicles are not eligible for a veteran’s licence plate for one or more of the following reasons:

  • the vehicle’s licence plate has 7 characters, which would not allow for the distinctive background of the veteran’s licence plate to be visible;
  • the vehicle is not owned by an individual;
  • the vehicle's licence plate includes a character sequence indicating that the vehicle serves a special purpose (e.g. amateur radio operator vehicle).

To see the various licence plate designs, visit the Categories of Licence Plates webpage.

Vehicles that are not eligible for a veteran’s licence plate

  • commercial vehicles and special use vehicles (F licence plates)
  • trailers, camping trailers and tent trailers (R licence plates)
  • buses and minibuses (A licence plates)
  • off-road vehicles (V licence plates)
  • all-terrain vehicles (V licence plates)
  • amateur radio operator vehicles (VA2 or VE2 licence plates)
  • vehicles with restricted-area use, such as tractors and other farm vehicles (C licence plates)
  • heavy vehicles (L licence plates)
  • passenger vehicles used by members of a consular corps or a foreign delegation (CC licence plates)
  • passenger vehicles used by members of a diplomatic corps or the International Civil Aviation Organization (CD licence plates)
  • passenger vehicles with restricted-area use or used in a locality not linked to the Québec road network (C licence plates)
  • vehicles with a dealer plate (X licence plates)

To obtain a veteran’s licence plate

Filing an application with the royal canadian legion - Québec Command

You must complete the Application for Veteran's Licence Plate Eligibility Certification (PDF, 185.5 ko) form.

You must submit the form to the Royal Canadian Legion - Québec Command and pay the required processing fees.

Application processing

The Royal Canadian Legion - Québec Command assesses your eligibility.

Licence plate delivery

If the Royal Canadian Legion - Québec Command certifies your eligibility, you will receive your veteran's licence plate and your new registration certificate in the mail.

Please note that your vehicle's annual cost of registration will not be affected.

Last update: March 22, 2023