Modes of Transportation

Information Guide

Before buying a motorcycle, here are a few things to consider in order to make an informed choice.


Will you use your motorcycle in urban areas, for short trips with frequent stops, or for long outings on country roads and highways on weekends? Will a passenger often be riding behind you?

Your body shape

Are you tall and muscular, or rather slight? The motorcycle's height, weight and cylinder capacity must be compatible with your frame, height and weight in order to ensure maximum comfort, safety and ease of handling.

Riding posture

Would you prefer a sport or standard posture, or a cruiser posture for greater comfort when riding long distances?

Your experience and skill

Assess your skills properly and respect where you are in the learning process. Choose a motorcycle that is adapted to your skills and riding experience. When starting out, choosing a motorcycle whose cylinder capacity and power-to-weight ratio is appropriate will help you acquire experience and build confidence safely.

Your budget

Your budget will help determine whether you buy a new or a used motorcycle as well as the type of motorcycle. Your budget should also include the cost of purchasing a helmet, protective clothing, the accessories you plan on adding to your motorcycle, and maintenance expenses. Your safety and comfort depend on these items, so don't compromise!

Last update: May 10, 2022