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Grandchildren and Car Safety

As grandparents, you will probably have to drive with your grandchildren in the car. You should know that the law has changed a lot since the time when children sat in the front seat of the car.

In brief

If you are transporting children in your car, you must ensure their safety by complying with the Highway Safety Code.

As of April 2019, the Highway Safety Code requires that children be secured in a child safety seat that is appropriate for their weight and height until they are 145 cm tall or 9 years old.

We also recommend that all children aged 12 or younger be seated in the back seat of the vehicle.

There are 3 child car seat stages

  • Rear-facing seats
  • Front-facing seats
  • Booster seats

As soon as a child uses a booster seat, the seat belt must also be worn.

See our section entitled Infant Seats, Child Seats and Booster Seats for details and instructions.

Beware of second-hand car seats!

See our section entitled Second-Hand Car Seats before buying one or seating a child in it for the first time.

A properly adjusted seat belt is important

Children should not be buckled in the same way as adults. A child's size determines the way the seat belt should be adjusted to guarantee safety.

Before seating children on the vehicle's seat, without a child safety seat, you must make sure that:

  • their back is flat against the seat with their knees bent over the edge of the seat

  • when the seat belt is fastened, it crosses:

  • over the middle of the shoulder (the clavicle), and not over the neck

  • over the hips, and not over the stomach

See our section entitled Children and Seat Belts for more details and instructions.

Airbags and children: follow the safety rules

Airbags can be dangerous for children if you fail to comply with certain safety rules. See the section on airbags to find out more.

Never leave a child alone in a car!

Whatever the reason, never leave a child unattended in a road vehicle.

Section 380 of the Highway Safety Code specifies that “No person may leave a child under 7 years of age unattended in a road vehicle under his custody.”

Last update: May 19, 2022