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School Bus Transportation

As parents, you play an essential part in ensuring your children's safety if they travel to school by bus.

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Remind your children of these important safety rules

To make your children aware of the dangers that are present on the way to school, remind them of safety rules and practise them over and over.

On the way to the bus stop

  • Go to the bus stop in advance, to avoid being late.
  • Walk, don't run, to the bus stop, even if you're late. When getting off the bus, walk home, don't run.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk to get to the bus stop or go home.
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.
  • If you have to cross the street, look left, right, left again, and over your shoulder. If there are no cars, you can cross.

When making the trip with your children, ask them the reason behind each safety rule. Also ask them about possible consequences of failing to follow the rules.

At the bus stop

  • Line up to wait for the bus, and don't push others.
  • Before going near the bus, wait for it to come to a complete stop.
  • Climb onto the bus in a single file while holding onto the handrail and avoid pushing others.
  • Go to your seat right away.

On the school bus

  • Don't bother the driver.
  • Stay seated and calm.
  • Keep your arms and head inside the bus.
  • Don't put anything in the aisle and keep objects in your bag.
  • Keep your bag on you or stow it under the seat.
  • Don't throw anything inside or outside the bus.

Getting off the school bus

Since you are not usually with your children when they get off the bus at school, it is important to review safety rules and the importance of listening to the driver or crossing guard. Here are the safety rules to remember:

  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before leaving your seat.
  • Get off one by one without pushing others and hold onto the handrail.
  • Move away quickly and don't go behind the bus.
  • Tell the driver if you have dropped something under the bus or near the wheels. If you cannot talk to him or her, ask an adult for help or wait for the bus to leave before picking up the object.

If a child must cross in front of the school bus, for example to get home

With flashing lights on all four corners of the bus and the deployed stop sign, crossing the street may seem safe.

But beware! A distracted or careless driver could keep on driving without stopping.

Remind your children of these important safety rules

  • Cross the street in front of the bus, never behind it. The driver may not see you behind the bus.
  • Count 10 steps when you get off the bus before crossing the street, so that you can properly see the driver and he or she can properly see you.
  • Go in front of the bus, then look left, right and left again before crossing.
  • Cross the street quickly, but without running.

Safety near schools

If your children do not travel by bus and you drop them off and pick them up at school, you have an important part to play, especially if you are present when other school children and buses arrive.

The carelessness of parents who are in a rush puts the lives of children around schools in danger.

To guarantee safety, you should:

  • respect areas reserved for school buses
  • stop your car in the area designated by the school
  • watch out for the children that are all around
  • obey the posted speed limits
  • if crossing guards are present, obey their signals (crossing guards are there to ensure the safety of children, including your own).

Once again, make sure you set the good example! Your children will imitate you.

Last update: May 19, 2022