The regulation respecting distractions while driving comes into effect

On June 1, 2023, the new Regulation respecting distractions while driving came into effect. This regulation clarifies the manner in which section 443.1 of the Highway Safety Code is applied and specifies the exceptions allowing drivers to use a cell phone or view information on a display screen.

Here are the key elements of the Regulation respecting distractions while driving:

The Regulation defines:

  • the expression “hands-free device”
  • important information for driving
  • a vehicle’s usual equipment

Use of a cell phone or any other mobile device is permitted:

  • to call 911
  • to make a contactless payment or to show proof of payment or a right of access, for example

Drivers can view information displayed on a screen or use screen commands when this information:

  • is used to manage messages as part of a business’s activities, especially with regard to delivery or transportation
  • is used to collect fees payable by a passenger, control a passenger’s access to the vehicle, or ensure a passenger’s safety
  • is required for the activities of a public utility or telecommunications business

Lastly, drivers must be parked in order to consult smart watches.

For more information on distractions at the wheel, visit the Distractions web page.

To read the Regulation in its entirety, consult the Gazette officielle du Québec.