Passing the road test

Duration: 30 minutes

To take it, you must have:

  • passed the driving course.
  • held your learner's licence for at least 12 months.
  • passed the knowledge test.
  • registered online or by phone for your appointment.

To be well-prepared: 

To bring to the exam

  • Your learner's licence
  • Your identity card issued by the SAAQ (if you have one)
  • One piece of identification
  • A certificate attesting that you have passed a driving course
  • Payment for:
    • the examination fees
    • the probationary licence
  • A vehicle (with valid registration and proof of insurance) 

To pass, you must: 

  • comply with the Highway Safety Code (road signs, speed limits, etc.).
  • pay attention to what is happening on the road.
  • keep a safe distance from the other vehicles.
  • signal your intentions at the appropriate time.
  • anticipate potentially dangerous situations.
  • pay extra close attention to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • cooperate with others and share the road. 

Passing grade: 75% or more

Certain serious mistakes will lead to automatic failure (actions or behaviours that lead to dangerous situations or offences against the Highway Safety Code).