Learner's licence

To get it, you are required to:

  • have passed Phase 1 of the driving course and provide the attestation.
  • prove your identity.
  • have the consent of a person having parental authority (if you are under age 18).
  • fill out the SAAQ's medical declaration.
  • pass a vision test.
  • pay the necessary fees.

To keep it, you have to: 

  • always be accompanied by a person who has held a valid passenger vehicle driver's licence for at least 2 years
  • have fewer than 4 demerit points entered on your driving record (for more information, visit the Bad habits to avoid! page)
  • comply with the zero alcohol rule.
  • respect the curfew: you may not drive between midnight and 5 a.m.

How to prove your identity?

Show two pieces of identification, including one with photo, from among the following:

1st piece

If you were born in Québec:

  • original of your birth certificate issued by the registrar of civil status
  • a Canadian passport
  • a Canadian Armed Forces identity card
  • a Certificate of Indian Status

If you were born elsewhere:

  • the original of a birth certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory
  • a Canadian Citizenship Certificate with photo
  • confirmation of permanent residence and a Permanent Resident Card
  • other proof of legal presence in Canada

2nd piece

  • your Health Insurance Card
  • a licence authorizing you to drive a vehicle (moped or scooter for example)

Relevant Documents